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rainbow glow bowl

rainbow glow bowl


this bowl is bursting with roasted & fresh veggies and marinated baked tempeh all nestled on quinoa and served up with a spicy tahini dressing 

  • ingredients

    *quinoa, *beets, red bell peppers, *sweet potatoes, *tempeh, *tamari, garlic, ginger, *carrots, zucchini, peas, *kale, *red onions, *red cabbage, lime,*sesame seeds, *maple syrup, spices

    contains soy, seeds (sesame)

    free of gluten, animal products, dairy, and added oil


  • please note

    we may switch up the veggies in this bowl to make sure it's as fresh as can be, so the meal you receive may look a little different from the meal pictured.

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