ramen joy

ramen joy


we bring you all the elements for meal success in a 32 ounce soup container (not glass). you add the boiling hot water & wait for it, then enjoy hot slurpy noodles and veggies in a satisfying broth

  • ingredients

    *brown rice & millet ramen, *tofu, *carrot, *kale, dried mushrooms, ginger, vegetable boullion, sriracha, *scallion, *red cabbage, minced garlic, liquid soy aminos, *edamame


    free from animal products, gluten & processed oil

  • please note!

    this ramen is packaged in a 32 ounce cardboard soup container. it needs to be reconstituted with boiling water then allowed to rest for 13 minutes in order for the noodles to soften before enjoying