voodoo bowl

voodoo bowl


vegan sorcery: black rice, roasted spiced butternut squash, roasted red cabbage, creamy lemon chickpeas, roasted mushrooms, pickled beets, lacinato kale, dry roasted pumpkin seeds & sriracha dressing

  • ingredients

    black rice, butternut squash, *red cabbage, onion, *garlic, gluten-free flour, veggie broth, lemon, *chickpeas, light coconut milk, *parsley, *mushrooms, tamari, beets, vinegar, *maple syrup, *lacinato kale, dry roasted pumpkin seeds, *cashews, rice wine vinegar, sriracha, *miso paste, salt, spices


    free from animal products (including dairy), gluten, and processed oils. contains nuts (cashews) and soy (tamari, miso)