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For years I prepared food for myself and my family following the mainstream advice offered; I served meats (mostly lean), fish, eggs, cheese and other dairy products studded with vegetables and fruits to my husband and growing children confident that I was providing them with the nourishment they needed to grow and maintain strong, lean bodies.


Gradually I began to absorb information about the link between animal product consumption and coronary heart disease. My father had coronary bypass surgery and a history of high blood pressure and my mother required a coronary stent…I was entering my 50’s and saw a glimpse of what lay before me as far as my own coronary wellness. I decided, overnight, to become a vegan and eliminated animal products from my diet. It was some time before I understood the difference between being a vegan and eating a whole food plant based diet.


I have learned so much in the years since becoming a whole food plant based eater in 2016. I earned the Colin Campbell eCornell degree in Nutrition Studies and am a voracious consumer of medical podcasts, studies, books and any informed sources I can find regarding the food we eat as it relates to the quality of life we enjoy. I have become much more knowledgeable and passionate about animal welfare as well as my responsibility to protect our water, our air, and our soil. Of this we can be sure: The food we eat directly affects our health. If you are seeking to avoid or reverse heart disease, obesity, type 2 diabetes along with a growing list of other nutrition related diseases, a Whole Food Plant Based diet is the only diet that has been shown to accomplish this goal. I personally have been able to maintain a stable, healthy body weight, enjoy deep and restful sleep, experience a great amount of energy, and now rarely become ill with colds or other common ailments.


The really incredible part of this whole journey has been the realization that this way of eating is amazingly delicious and satisfying. Because we eat whole foods that are not heavily processed and laden with sugar, oil and salt, we are able to taste the natural goodness of the whole grains, fruits, vegetables nuts and seeds we eat. I really love food…anyone who knows me knows that few things get me more excited than enjoying an incredible meal with people I love being with. Nourishing myself and my family in such an enjoyable way is deeply satisfying.


I cook whole food plant based meals for you so that you can reach and maintain optimum health. I want to nourish you and your family in the most healthful way possible and I want you to love this way of eating as much as I do. To your health, happiness, and well being.





the mother of vegetation plant food. nothing would happen without her tireless recipe testing and exquisite food photography.  the healthiest eater of us all and has never met a potato she didn't like.  she's nice to her plants but not her monopoly deal opponents. all in all, rima is the heart of soul of vegetation. 


he’s the guy who makes the hospital deliveries and makes sure we all get paid but beyond that he’s the backbone of vegetation. he’s our big picture guy and intrepid dreamer. he’s our home support system & the one behind the scenes who keeps the operation going strong and steady.




elena is a co-founder of vegetation plant food. she designed the website and was instrumental in helping dream up our little business. you’ll find her working in the kitchen when not attending classes in gainesville. you know those vegetation cookies you like picking up at plenty? elena probably made them just for you.



every aspect of vegetation has lukas’ hand in it. he works tirelessly to automate our company, improves packaging, works on expansion, and is instrumental in making our kitchen process smooth, efficient, and fun. you may have chatted with him at a market and he can be found in the kitchen every week. if you’re very lucky he has made a loaf of sourdough just for you.



you’ll never find a harder worker than eva. though still in school full time, you’ll see eva at the markets slinging crunch wraps, busy working on special projects, and creating eye-popping display signs. they're instrumental in keeping us current in all matters related to tik-tok, music, fashion/social trends, and general coolness. 


jocelyne is captain of the vegetation cheer squad. we love her steady and unflappable nature; she manages to get it all done and never loses her cool. when we start talking about brick & mortar dreams, jocelyne is the one who sees the vision and makes us believe it’s all going to happen for us.




faith is our newest team member and we love everything about her positive sunny nature. hard working and amiable, she makes us laugh and keeps things light. she’s small but mighty  and scares us just a tiny bit when we see her wrangle really large kitchen equipment or giant knives  


ona & kes

the coolest octogenarians we know. ona works in the kitchen prepping produce, washing dishes, and helps the dessert making process. kes does half of the weekly shopping and helps in every way needed: stamping, printing, making very important coffee runs, and answering emergency calls for more kale.


though they’re stationed in gainesville this duo offers unwavering support, ideas, entertainment, and feedback to help vegetation flourish. if you’re very fortunate, you may see them in a little cameo appearance at a market or in the kitchen. 

justas & emma



our old man. will play dead for bananas. always ready to greet us and take us out for a walk after a long day in the vegetation kitchen.

bernie (2).jpg


the baby of the family with a very adventurous palate. favorite way to help: photo bomb and perhaps topple a precariously arranged food tableau mid photo session.

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